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Cold Sore Relief - Tips to Ease the Discomfort of Cold Sores

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Looking for cold sore relief? Look no further.

If you suffer the annoying pain and itching of oral herpes attacks there are a number of remedies that can provide short-term cold sore relief. These treatments will not stop the attack but may help to ease the discomfort, stop it spreading and help to shorten the attack.

You can obtain a degree of cold sore relief by applying ice to the affected area. Ice numbs the area and lowers its temperature. This will not only provide pain relief but will also hamper the development of the sores. Use it when you feel the tingling sensation for about five to ten minutes each hour. Once the sores have developed use ice to numb the pain.

Cold sore relief can also be obtained by applying a tea bag to the area. Tea contains a substance called tannic acid which is thought to have anti-viral properties. Place a tea bag over the sores as they start to form during the tingle stage. Use one over the area for a few minutes each hour.

Coating the skin with petroleum jelly can also offers some cold sore relief. Petroleum jelly helps to keep the skin moist and prevent cracking and bleeding. There are also nutritional supplements, like L-lysine, an amino acid that can be taken to help reduce outbreaks. Ask your doctor about taking lysine as a supplement to help combat cold sores.

Herbal remedies like the antiseptic Sage and Tea Tree oil may help provide cold sore relief. The sedative violet may also be helpful. Make sure to get advice from a herbalist on how to use these remedies correctly to combat cold sore outbreaks.

To help prevent outbreaks and find cold sore relief you should be avoiding exposure to strong sunlight by using a sunhat and sun cream with a SPF of 15 or greater. Avoid any injury to the lips as this can trigger cold sores. It helps to keep the lips moist so use a lip balm at all times.

Some people have found cold sore relief by using an antacid like Maalox or Mylanta by mouth. These should be taken as soon as you feel the tingling sensation. Others use a Vitamin E softgel cap applied to the area and this can dry them up within 5-7 days. Taking a Boron supplement (3 mg per day) can help prevent herpes flare-ups in some people.

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