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Cold Sore prevention, treat the problem through avoidance.

Cold sore prevention is very important. The herpes simplex virus that causes oral sores is extremely contagious. Taking steps to protect yourself from contracting the virus or (if you already have it) preventing its spread can go along way toward minimizing cold sore outbreaks.

Very often it is not clear what causes a cold sore attack but many cases are due to a weakened immune system. Because herpes is a virus, your natural immunity plays an important role in keeping it in check. Anything that hampers your immune systems performance may allow the virus to be triggered. So cold sore prevention starts with a healthy immune system.

This means that a variety of factors can contribute to the formation of cold sores. Understanding what factors affect your immune system are an important tool for cold sore prevention. Being very run-down, pregnancy and menstruation, drinking too much, being exposed to strong sunlight, illness, stress, being tired, a poor diet and temperatures that are too hot or cold as well as asthma and other steroid medication can all weaken the immune system.

Once you have an outbreak you must take cold sore prevention steps to ensure that you don't pass it on or allow it to spread to other areas of your own body. Cold sores can be transferred by skin-to-skin contact and are contagious even during the tingling phase. It is possible to transmit the virus from your lips to your genitals and the lips or genitals of others.

For this reason avoiding kissing and oral sex and avoiding touching your genitals are important cold sore prevention strategies. Remember that the virus can also be spread by sharing eating and drinking utensils, lipstick, lip gloss, toothbrushes or wash cloths. The fingers and eyes can also be infected by the herpes virus if proper hygiene is not practiced.

Cold sore prevention is most critical when the blisters have burst open and fluid is released. This liquid contains millions of herpes simplex virus particles. As the infection progresses the number of infectious agents lessens but you will be contagious until the outbreak is completely healed.

If you have been in contact with the virus wash your hands and the area with soap and warm water to try to get rid of any active virus particles that may be present. This cold sore prevention strategy may help stop the virus from spreading. But remember the best way to avoid cold sores is to make sure your immune system is strong and healthy.

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